My Professional Development Artefact

Week 3 – Activity 2: Digging into the PD Framework.

A summary of the Teaching and Learning Domains and Elements from the PACT course

1.The Self
The impact of personal values, perspectives or emotion and previous experience on T&L.  A philosophy and personal approach a) that is most important, b) aligns with or confronts your institution. Identifying any impingement of a work environment on you, how?

2.Identity-Values & Development
Identify how a unique feature currently impacts how you teach. 
Evaluate self/peer review/observation, student feedback, etc. Impact? Still pertinent?
Contribution to SoTL through sharing evidence based approaches or research.
Most evident PD values currently, why? What is the daily impact of recent PD evidence monitoring?

Commitment to excellence in all forms of communication, and developing learning communities. 
Developing academically, verbal & non-verbal, listening, through peer group, teamwork. 
Engage in verbal and non-verbal communication; develop peer, group and team working skills.
Explore and engage in dialogue with international and national communities

4.Knowledge & Skills
Relevance and currency of K&S of SME and learners; is subject matter experience up-to-date?
Student-centred dialogue, to help them to define Learning Objectives.
Impact of recent learning through design and management of sessions.
Was a recent development of a teaching approach a success? Why, or why not?

5.Digital Capacity
Recent tech-based activity/tool developed, engaged with or used. Reflect using 5WH.
Most effective person to person and group communications ? Why?
Consider: Copyright, Privacy & Ethical Issues. Thoughts?

Abbreviation / acronyms used

  • T & L – Teaching and Learning
  • SoTL – Scholarship of teaching and learning
  • PD – professional development
  • SME – subject matter expert


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