“Learning: the ultimate game where you never run out of levels”, by venspired.com (Krissy Venosdale),
licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Since Covid my OLD (Obsessive Learning Disorder) has grown. I have always been curious about how things work which has led me down many avenues. For a full list of certificates and achievements check out my Airtable, which can be filtered by various headings. Courses completed range from micro to major certificates thus the spreadsheet is grouped by two typologies; Formal Accredited and Unformal Structured, taken from PACT’s four typologies of learning; Formal Accredited, Unformal Structured, Unformal Unstructured and Informal Collaborative.

The PACT course, is a commitment to Personal Development run by the National Forum for Teaching and Learning. It inspired me to begin this blog in 2019, repurposing CalypsoIT which previously focused on Digital Marketing business, as an e-Portfolio.

Graph of the number of courses completed per category
A column chart showing the number of courses I have completed by category

Notable Achievements

 MOOCs and Online Courses

I’m an avid online learner and have completed hundreds of course on a range of platforms. Thanks to Covid, I had the opportunity to explore new avenues of accreditation and update past skills. These included:

Waterford Institute of Technology

  • 2019 BSc (Hons) Information Technology
  • 2005 BSc in Science in Multimedia Application Development
  • 2003 National Cert in Science in Multimedia Apps Development
  • 2002 FETAC National Foundation Cert in Business & Humanities

Digital Marketing Institute

  • 2015 Postgrad Diploma in Digital Marketing

Waterford Skillnet and Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet

Waterford and Wexford Training Services

  • 2018 Microsoft Office 2016 Master Specialist:
    • Expert MS Word Processing and Excel.
    • Office Specialist in Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Database.

  • ECDL v 2016:
    • I sat my first ECDL course in 1998 at Kayser Computing in Cork, I repeated them in 2002, 2011 and 2016 as modules were updated or added.
    • Advanced Modules: Microsoft Database, PowerPoint, Spreadsheets and Word Processing
    • Core Modules: Data Protection, PowerPoint, Excel, Communication Essentials, Online Essentials, Web Editing, Image Editing, IT Security, Online Collaboration, Word Processing.