IT Training

Karen McCarthy founded CalypsoIT in 2010 with a desire to harness the advantages of social
media to connect businesses and people.  Social Media gives people an opportunity to be social
and work within communities, whether that’s your own personal circle of friends, community
groups or business networks.  There’s is a depreciating need for the “hard-sell”, people who work
with authenticity and transparency attract trusting customers who become great advocates.  Social
Media helps to funnel your advocate’s opinions towards your potential customers.
CalypsoIT can set up your social media accounts maintaining your brand consistency with
customised backgrounds.  Your accounts can be integrated with your website/blog. Accounts
include: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, Hootsuite and much more!
We also provide training in any of the above.
Our passion is in showing people the benefits of using Internet Technology for communicating with
friends, family and businesses.
Social Media can help your business in various sectors, including: Marketing, Promoting,
Customer Care, Brand Recognition, Change Management and Reputation.