PACT – Week 1: Professional Development and Digital Literacy Status

This activity is based on a questionnaire designed to help reflect on the  Professional Development (PD) activities already engaged with, and on digital literacy skills.

Activity 1 involved completing a questionnaire and the courses on All Aboard website. Thankfully I achieved top marks using the  Digital Confidence Profile Tool which gives a breakdown of your digital profile.

Activity 2: Typology of Professional Development Activities, asked that I position the PD activities I identified in the questionnaire within the Typology of Professional Development Activities.

Activity 3: Professional Development Framework Domains and Elements. Reflecting on the the PD activities I identified in the questionnaire to ascertain where they belong within the domains and elements of the PD framework; I chose two domains, the Self and Personal and Professional Digital Capacity to investigate deeper; then composed a response.  (a post for another day!)


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